“Two miles away, past the boulevard where hawkers line the

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cheap oakleys But it was a place of my own and I was happy to have it.”Two miles away, past the boulevard where hawkers line the sidewalk selling fruits, vegetables, hats, sunglasses, goats and cellphone minutes, lies Sandton. The well heeled suburb is home to a swanky mall, gated apartment complexes, the South African stock exchange and an Aston Martin dealership.It is a place to which many aspire, especially those who lived under the oppressive rule of apartheid when blacks couldn’t own land or were forced out of their homes indiscriminately.MANDELA’S LEGACY: Lack of bitterness set leader apartThe disparity between abject poverty and great wealth that is evident in Alexandra and Sandton is representative of a growing income inequality throughout South Africa since the end of apartheid. The World Bank says the rich poor gap in South Africa is among the world’s worst.”Sandton and Alexandra are the most extreme example of this, but we’ve had increasing inequality over the last 20 years,” says Adam Habib, a political science professor and vice chancellor at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg. cheap oakleys

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Amidst all this negative comment

The financial help, estimated by one analyst at some $32 billion, helped keep Egypt’s battered economy afloat after years of instability. It also helped cement growing military cooperation between Egypt and the Gulf. Emirate planes, for example, are believed to have used Egyptian territory to launch airstrikes against Islamic militants in neighboring Libya.

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